Two great reasons to choose our Promoted ad package 


While recruitment in the dental sector remains difficult, we wanted to share data on the Promoted ad package performance so that you make the best decision when advertising your open roles.

Compared to the Essential ad package, the Promoted ad package is just £215 more - and for BDA members, it’s only a £165 increase - but look at the benefits you’ll enjoy.

graphic for promoted [square]


   1. Get 12 times more views for your listing

  With the Promoted ad package and you’ll get 12* times more views for your     role than those with the Essential ad package. And with over 20,000** active     jobseekers visiting our site every month, your money is well spent.


   2. Want 11 times more applications? 

  Then choose the Promoted ad package - it’s that simple to get 11* times more    applications. Plus with over 28,000+ registered ealert subscribers, you’re     bound to reach the relevant professionals directly.


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Here’s a reminder of how quick and easy it is to post your role. Have your job description and credit to hand before you start.

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And you can find handy guides on creating a great job ad and a stand-out employer profile. Jobseeker activity on the site shows candidates check out profiles before applying.


* Madgex report June 2022 to May 2023 ** GA September 2021 to August 2022 + Madgex report September 2021 to August 2022